Upcoming Projects

  • A multichain Launchpad & Accelerator exclusively dedicated for Metaverse
    NFT Gamify projects & Building advanced virtual market
    25th January 2022
  • A PvE/PvP FPS gaming project using NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain.
    27th January 2022
  • Meme Cake is a Social NFT multi-chain marketplace
    10th February 2022

The Four Cores of

  • Technology Support Services
    DfiStarter provide technical support for projects developing on Dfinity:

    Dfinity Standard Token Issuance - Generate smart contracts for tokens in just a few clicks.

    Staking Smart Contract Support - Deploy contracts for token staking mechanisms.

    Yield Farming Set-up Support - Easy-to-use code that rewards liquidity providers.

    Cross-chain bridge - The DfiStarter bridge supports liquidity by making transfers between Dfinity and other blockchains easy.

    Vesting Contract with CSV Import - Automatic vesting schedule in code with data from comma-separated value (CSV) imports.
  • Dfistarter DEX - DDEX
    DfiStarter Decentralized Exchange is an on-chain trading platform based on Dfinity that will:

    Become the supporting infrastructure for the Dfinity ecosystem, providing fast and secure trading services for all Dfinity assets.

    Support the clearing and settlement of DfiStarter money market services.

    Lower the barriers to entry, exempting users from account creation or KYC. This protects users by offering them complete anonymity and financial privacy.

    Make trading volume transparent and verifiable, unlike centralized exchanges that are notorious for malpractices and inflating trading volumes.

    Disrupt and substitute traditional market makers with the DDEX automatic market maker (AMM).
  • Oracle Integration
    The DfiStarter oracle offers a unified general data protocol of off-chain data for any blockchain system, and provides accurate data for dApps in DeFi, gaming, and NFTs.
  • Money Market Services
    DfiStarter Loan Platform (DLP) supports all Dfinity assets (D-Assets), enabling traders to access a wide range of credit types quickly and easily.

    Liquidity providers (LP) shares from DDEX or other DEX in the Dfinity ecosystem, can also be used as collateral to unlock unused LP tokens improving capital efficiency.

    Asset trading on DDEX can also be used as collateral for lending and borrowing, improving the overall liquidity of these assets and the entire ecosystem.

DfiStarter is the anchor stone for
Dfinity Ecosystem.

  • IDO Launchpad
    The DfiStarter launchpad is an end to end solution which empowers projects to easily raise capital on Dfinity.
  • Technology Support Services
    DfiStarter provides comprehensive tech support for projects on Dfinity.
  • DDEX
    DDEX provides fast and secure trading services for assets on Dfinity.
  • Oracle Integration
    Onchain RNG oracle solution guarantees a transparent and decentralized process.
  • Money Market Services
    Lending / Borrowing Platform - DfiStarter Loan Platform (DLP) supports all Dfinity assets (D-Assets), giving traders the ability to access a wide range of credit types quickly and easily.


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